MS Projects: a transport company


MS Projects operates by respecting the highest quality standards in the heavy transports industry. 
In the last 20 years, we had a firm commitment to safety, quality and professionalism, the pillars of succesful projects.

Services. Solutions.

ms projects offers heavy transport
services, with accent on efficiency and

Our company uses modern transport equipment, which respond accordingly to our customer needs and project particularities. 

All services are provided by specialists constantly updated on the current legislation and the specifics of our clients’ requests, with over 20 years experience in the field. They ensure logistics and proper implementation of transport plans on road, air, sea and rivers.

Specialized in heavy transports, MS Projects ensures fast product loads, with short transit time. From planningto execution, the team that handles the transport uses all expertiseaccumulated along the years, in order to safely deliver positive results,highly appreciated by the clients.

We use modern technology to createsafe and efficient transport routes. Our colleagues respects the higheststandards of security.

MS Projects customers come from all fields, which reflects our company capabillities to provide optimized services.

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Outstanding oversized cargo transport services in Romania, focused on professionalism, smart logistics and specialized operations.

A fast and efficient solution for transporting goods anywhere in the world.

Maritime and inland waterway freight transport, either domestic or international, to and from all ports worldwide.

We offer you the possibility to organize complete convoys for freight transport across Europe.

About the Company
& People

With expertise of over 20 years in a field constantly evolving, MS Projects invests in developing a partnership with its clients, based on customer’s needs. Our success reflects passion for professionalism, efficiency and safety operations and last but not least, the sattisfaction of our customers. Every project runs in a framework of maximum seriousness, for proper optimization of medium and long-term collaborations.

We work together to fulfil a common objective: to offer services at the
highest standards.

Oriented towards customer satisfaction, MS Projects boasts an  operational team of true professionals with extensive experience in the field, who drive new trucks and successfully adapt to European roads.

Careful handling of valuables

24/7 technical support

Optimisation programs

Low operational costs

MS Projects and its employees have provided us with excellent solutions and outstanding service during many different projects. Their passion for creating the best end-to-end solutions and customer service stands out.
A professional transport company that offers a service of exceptional quality. MS Project employees are top professionals from start to finish, no matter if they are in the office or their drivers.
We have worked with MS Projects in most European countries. They have been our most important partner for many projects, providing a full range of high quality services. Their project planning and mentality is always professional.

ms projects team

Our work is for people with vision!

Andrei Lita
Business Development Manager
Vasile Palcu
Fleet and Planning Manager

Why ms projects?


Experience shows us that our involvement and responsibility for what we do every day attracts new customers in search of partners who understand their needs, meet them and help identify the best solution.


The safety and health of our employees, clients and transport personnel comes first, before any profit.


We are consistent in all assumed engagements. We do what we promise, by following an ethical and serious behaviour.


We have the expertise, highly trained drivers and a modern fleet, capable of ensuring superior heavy transport services.


Based on the satisfaction of our customers ant the evolution of MS Projects over the past years, we boast of a high quality of our services and determine us to become better every day.

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We offer long-standing expertise in logistics for a variety of fields of business, we are flexible and we put the customer’s needs first.

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